Strong science, trailblazing tech

Air pollution—breaking it down

Air pollution is a public health crisis on a global scale; 92% of the world’s population is breathing unhealthy air. The first step to finding clean air is understanding the underlying science.

Airborne pollutants are made up of chemicals and ultra-fine dust that float in the air around us. Within these categories, there are four main pollutants that are most harmful to our health.

Flow tracks the four pollutants most harmful to our health


Extra Fine dust and solid aerosol in the air


Fine dust and solid aerosol in the air


Comes from diesel or power generation


Chemicals found in homes or indoor spaces

Making the invisible visible

The level of pollutants in the air changes dramatically over time and space. It can vary both indoors and outdoors—from sidewalk to sidewalk in your neighborhood, and room to room in your home.

This means that by tracking air quality levels around us we can build routines that significantly reduce our exposure to pollution.

When science meets tech

We created the world’s first custom sensor array to track all of the most important air pollutants.

Our team then built an environmental AI for Flow’s companion app that analyses data gathered by the sensors to give you real-time, actionable feedback to avoid air pollution.

And we fit all of this within a beautiful, powerful and reliable device that goes where you go and breathes what you breathe.

Finding Flow

Tracking air pollution from within a wearable device is an exceptionally hard scientific endeavor.

To tackle this challenge, we brought together an outstanding team of engineers, data scientists, and atmospheric researchers.

After 3 years of R&D and rigorous testing in the lab and in the wild, Flow is now ready to help you find clean air.