Our journey

Information empowers

Plume Labs is an environmental tech company helping people take action to avoid air pollution.

Back in 2014 we took on the challenge of getting actionable data out to as many people as possible. The Plume Air Report application was born!

Air Report has been bringing pollution forecasts and clean air advice to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide ever since. 

Making air pollution personal

After three years of intense research, prototyping, and testing, we released a beta version of Flow into the wild.

One hundred volunteers helped us prove that we could make our vision of democratizing air quality information a reality.

This beta test was the last stop on the journey to perfect Flow before bringing it to the world.

Together we can find clean air

Air pollution is the health challenge of our time. The data Flow helps uncover will support clean air policies that work for all of us.

Imagine the kind of change we can make together. Join the movement to find clean air for everyone.