Flow, the smart air quality tracker

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We live with air pollution every day. Constantly changing over time and space, it's almost impossible to avoid. Until now.

Avoid the most polluted places in your city

With Flow, pollution monitoring becomes hyper-local.

Your personal air map helps you find clean air and build healthy routines.

Now you can beat air pollution in your city.

Find clean air wherever you go

Join a community mapping the air in your city.

Our companion app helps you improve your routines with access to crowdsourced street-level pollution data.

Protect yourself and your loved ones

Receive alerts and personal recommendations to escape pollution.

Small changes in your habits can make a difference to your health and wellbeing.

Flow Features

  • Custom Sensor Array

    Track the pollutants that matter:
    PM2.5 PM10 NOx VOC

  • 360 Degree Air Intake

    Maximum air circulation for improved accuracy on the go

  • Glanceable Display

    One touch access to discreet and immediate exposure feedback

Strong science, trailblazing tech

We pushed the boundaries of science to fit unparalleled pollution tracking power into the palm of your hand.

Our AI-driven algorithms constantly learn from millions of data points to give you personalized, actionable data.


Designed for you, with you

At Plume Labs, we're obsessed with beautiful design and flawless customer experience.

Flow's sleek and elegant silhouette, reliable materials, and versatile strap are direct results of working with our users.


Clean air, together

By using Flow you will help improve our collective understanding of air pollution.

The future of mankind is in the air.


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